GLENDALE : Agency to Link Computers to College

The Glendale Redevelopment Agency agreed Tuesday to spend $150,000 over the next five years to connect the city’s planned computer information system with one at Glendale Community College, officials said.

College officials “don’t have the funds to do it,” explained Derrill Quaschnick, assistant director of the agency. The decision was unanimous.

The system would allow Glendale residents with a personal computer and modem to receive a variety of information, including calendars of events and job openings. People without home computers could use computers in the public libraries or other sites.

With the money from the Redevelopment Agency, Glendale Community College will be able to piggyback onto the program and offer information to the public. The link with the college’s computerized library system will also give students and staff on-line access to the city’s library resources.


The connection could begin by next April, and services are scheduled to expand each year. By spring 1996, for example, LNX would allow Glendale residents and college students to register for Glendale college classes by using a touch-tone phone, officials said.

Quaschnick said funding for the hookup will come from the city’s San Fernando Road Corridor Redevelopment Project, which covers 777 acres that stretch along Glendale’s westerly boundary and borders Burbank and Los Angeles.