ROASTED DUCK? One suggestion if you attend...

ROASTED DUCK? One suggestion if you attend tonight’s exhibition game between the Mighty Ducks and the New York Islanders at Anaheim Arena: Pack a few extra bucks for food. . . . A family of four picking up nachos, pretzels, four Kosher dogs and drinks can expect to pay about $30. Arena prices are slightly higher than those at Anaheim Stadium--except for yogurt and pizza. But after the Rams season ends, officials say, stadium food prices are expected to increase.

MIGHTY MOUTHS: What separates the Mighty Ducks fans from those for other hockey teams? Few serious Ducks fans are showing up at Anaheim Arena without their duck calls. They toot them constantly, especially when a goal is scored or there’s a fight. They sell for $10 each at the arena. . . . You buy them slightly cheaper at sporting-goods stores, but they don’t sport the team colors and logo. “They’re selling like crazy, but we got lots of ‘em,” says a spokeswoman.

SENATOR IN UNIFORM: You don’t think a state senator works hard? Sen. Marian Bergeson (R-Newport Beach) today will don a uniform to serve food to Hyatt Regency Irvine hotel employees. It’s part of a national Hyatt “in touch” program to promote the tourism business with elected officials. . . . Has Bergeson ever been a waitress? Answers the senator: “Are you kidding? I raised four kids. You bet I have.”

CRISIS CONTROL: Fast food magnate Carl Karcher has brought in fresh reserves to help with media spin in his heated battles with his own board of directors. Karcher has hired Lexicom Communications of Century City to represent his views. . . . Lexicom spokesman Steven Fink says it specializes in “crisis communications. . . . We’re advising Carl on his matters in relation to the board.”. . . It’s also now Fink’s job to return media calls made to Karcher attorneys. Fink says his firm’s role will be determined “by future events.”


Game Food

Comparison concession prices at Anaheim Stadium and the new Anaheim Arena:

Arena Stadium Draft beer $4.50 $4.00 Pretzels $2.00 $1.75 Nachos $3.00 $2.75 Kosher dogs $3.00 $2.75 Small pizza $4.75 $6.00

Source: Ogden Entertainment