Florida Promoter Accused of Fixing Boxing Matches

From Associated Press

Rick (Elvis) Parker, an Orlando, Fla., boxing promoter, has been accused by one of his fighters of fixing up to 12 bouts for such heavyweights as Randall (Tex) Cobb and Mark Gastineau, the former pro football player.

According to a story in this week’s Sports Illustrated, among the fights fixed by Parker of Orlando were Cobb’s first-round knockout of journeyman Sonny Barch on Sept. 15, 1992, and Gastineau’s first-round victory against Rick Hoard on the same card. Barch made the accusation.

Cobb denied the story.

Barch told the magazine that Parker dispatched him to assure ensure that Gastineau, the former New York Jet defensive end, would defeat Hoard. The offer to Hoard was twice his $1,000 purse and the promise of more lucrative nationally televised fights. Hoard was injured and unable to continue after Gastineau wrestled him to the canvas.


Hoard and Parker denied fixing any fights.