SAN FERNANDO : Police to Seek State Quake Safety Funds

The city of San Fernando is attempting to take advantage of state earthquake-safety funding to build a new emergency communications center and firing range for its Police Department.

The City Council on Monday voted to allow the department to apply for a $150,000 state grant for the new building and promised to contribute an additional $50,000.

San Fernando police now house their firing range and communications center in a building that once served as city's police station. That structure, built in 1957 over a 1930s-era foundation, does not meet present earthquake standards, according to a city report.

The state Office of Emergency Services has provided funding for earthquake safety and building rehabilitation through a bond act passed in 1990, according to Police Chief Dominick Rivetti.

The city's contribution would come from assets seized by the Police Department, not from the municipal budget, he said.

Rivetti did not provide a schedule for construction if funds are approved. The application deadline is Oct. 15.

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