IRVINE : School Board Weighs Tennis Court Plan

Woodbridge High School, the only high school in the city without a tennis complex, could have eight new courts by early next year under a $1-million plan being considered by the school board.

The district plans to build the courts across the street from the high school on a vacant, three-acre site. The land, near Alton Parkway and Lake Road, is owned by the Irvine Unified School District.

Officials also seek to expand Woodbridge's parking lot by 250 spaces.

Corinne Loskot, facilities planning coordinator for the district, said an environmental impact report has been completed on the project. The school board is set to take a final vote on the plan within the next few weeks.

Irvine and University high schools already have tennis courts, and Loskot said the Woodbridge project would provide students there with "adequate athletic facilities."

The tennis center is expected to be completed sometime in early 1994. The parking lot expansion will consist of redesigning and re-striping the existing lot and should be done later in 1994.

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