Toronto third base coach Rich Hacker, who was in critical condition for two weeks after a head-on car accident outside St. Louis on July 11, believes it's a miracle that he's able to attend the American League playoffs.

"I couldn't even imagine this two to three weeks ago," said Hacker, who was released one month ago from the hospital and began walking without crutches six days ago.

"The Blue Jays have been great to me," Hacker said, "making sure that I never felt forgotten. There were days during my rehab that I just wanted to lay in bed because I hadn't slept in days, but they kept me going. It made a difference, mentally."


Catcher Carlton Fisk, who has been angry at the White Sox management and hadn't been to Comiskey Park since being released June 28, swallowed his pride and showed up early Tuesday afternoon to wish his teammates well for their playoff series.

Instead, he was humiliated.

The White Sox security guards refused to allow him into the clubhouse, saying it was against major league rules.

Fisk turned around, and stormed out of the stadium, vowing never to return.


The Blue Jays still have to get by the White Sox, of course, but they are preparing to move designated hitter Paul Molitor to third base for the three games in the National League city.

Molitor hasn't played third base since the 1991 All-Star Game, but considering he batted .332 with a career-high 22 homers and career-high 111 RBIs, the Blue Jays are looking for anyway to keep him in the lineup.

"I've been taking grounders regularly there lately," Molitor said, "throwing the ball across the infield and re-familiarizing myself with the motions and reactions. I guess the one question I have about my arm strength is not can I go out and make good throws, but how's my arm going to hold up in a three-hour ballgame?'

Blue Jay third baseman Ed Sprague said that he has been forewarned that he might find himself on the bench for those three games in the World Series, but hardly seemed irritated.

"It's been mentioned," Sprague said, "but we've got to get their first. As long as we win, who cares."

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