VENTURA : CSUN Campus Raises $45,520 in Donations

The Cal State Northridge Ventura Campus has raised $45,520 in donations so far this year, successfully offsetting state funding cuts that reduced the satellite campus budget by $45,000.

Most of the money was raised by the Oct. 30 Class Act Telethon on KADY Television that raised more than $34,000, with pledges still coming in, officials said.

More than $10,000 was raised earlier in the year through various efforts, and another $9,000 is expected from sales of a cookbook that university volunteers compiled, said Joyce M. Kennedy, campus director.

"Through the generosity of KADY Television, the support of the wider community and commitment of the Class Act Committee, we have not only begun to restore essential classes, but we believe we have turned a major corner in our long quest for a public university in this county," Kennedy said.

The satellite campus now offers upper-division classes and advanced degree courses. A full four-year campus is planned west of Camarillo.

In addition to raising money, Kennedy said she hoped the four-hour televised program would raise community awareness of the campus.

"We want people to know that there is an educational opportunity here," she said.

Most of the money raised will pay for additional classes, she said. Fourteen classes were cut from the curriculum last year when the campus budget was reduced by 17%.

The cookbook, which offers recipes from students, faculty and friends of the university, is on sale for $10 at the campus or $13 through the mail. For more information, call 654-4575.

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