Support, Criticism Regarding Quake Aid to Illegal Immigrants

* In regard to the latest anti-immigrant proposal voiced by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach), “Rohrabacher Proposes Legislation to Deny Federal Quake Relief to Illegal Immigrants” (Jan. 23), he once again has joined in the ever-increasing wave of immigrant bashing by further fueling the issue with insensitivity, ignorance and racist overtones.

Historically, immigrants, especially those of Latin American countries, have had the tendency to not demand or even request any type of social service from the county, state or federal level. This will be confirmed after results of quake relief are available.




* Well, once again Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has stepped forward to voice what many feel and do not have the guts to say, let alone put in print: California’s taxpaying, legal residents are being raped and plundered once again to pay hundred of millions of dollars to help illegal immigrants who have no legal right to be in this country in the first place.

Now Rohrabacher is “cruel” because he believes American quake-relief dollars should only go to American citizens. The only problem that Rohrabacher has is that he is the only man with enough guts to speak the truth while the silent majority hides and mutters under their breath what the congressman says!


Huntington Beach


* Shame, shame on Rep. Dana Rohrabacher. It is sad that any American, let alone a representative of the people, would even think to not provide help to another human being in a time of disaster.


Newport Beach

* Of all the mean-spirited proposals to come out of the immigration debate, the most recent one from Rep. Rohrabacher on denying federal quake relief to illegal immigrants deserves special recognition.

How can “hundreds of millions of dollars” go to illegal immigrants when (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) will not approve a loan unless it can be repaid, and grants up to $12,000 to replace essential possessions and housing will end up back in the economy, anyway.

Rohrabacher should listen to the thousands of Americans who are giving their time, money and donations to help those devastated by the quake--whether they are here legally or not.

Their efforts better represent the true spirit of America than our elected officials do with their inflamed rhetoric.




* I was appalled and saddened, but not surprised, by Rep. Rohrabacher’s latest proposal to deny federal aid to illegal immigrants who suffered loss due to the recent earthquake. It really serves to further prove what a bigot he really is. Rohrabacher said in regard to this issue that “we have to use our hearts, but we have to use our heads.” Rohrabacher is incapable of doing either, since he is both heartless and ignorant.

Any illegal immigrants affected by the earthquake who had managed to create some semblance of an existence are just as entitled to federal aid as citizens are.

It is time that the thin veil that weakly covers Mr. Rohrabacher’s hatred and prejudice be lifted once and for all. I do not believe that intelligent and compassionate individuals can be fooled by Mr. Rohrabacher’s divisive and racist attempts to lead Californians into the black hole of cruelty and bigotry, particularly in such a time of need as this.



* While viewing nonstop TV coverage of the earthquake news and subsequent lines of people applying for aid, I couldn’t help thinking: “How many of these people can our government support?”

Mr. Arturo Montes of the League of United Latin American Citizens states that Dana Rohrabacher’s comments are “racist.” Anytime anyone questions handouts given to illegal immigrants, whether it includes free health care or free education, that person is labeled a “racist.”


I hope this earthquake has “shaken up” more people into realizing that the disaster relief pit is not bottomless and, unless we monitor who gets the money, we who live here legally will have to do with less so those who live here illegally can have more.

The American pie is only so big.


Huntington Beach