Series Taps ‘Miss Daisy,’ ‘The Natural’ : Festival: Screenings at Golden West are designed for seniors and captioned for hearing-impaired. Some top recent movies are on bill.


Golden West College launches its Spring Senior Film Festival on Tuesday afternoon with “Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home,” the 1987 comedy starring Lynn Redgrave and Jon Cryer.

Other features include “The Natural,” starring Robert Redford, and the Oscar-winning “Driving Miss Daisy.” The series at the Forum II theater is open to the public but designed for senior citizens and the hearing-impaired. All of the 14 films are captioned and will be shown Tuesdays. The movies are free with a onetime purchase of a $3 GWC Gold Key Card.

“Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home” tells the story of a teen-ager who returns from boarding school and fights with his obnoxious, politically ambitious parents.

On Feb. 8, “Striker’s Mountain” is scheduled. The 1987 television movie, starring Leslie Nielsen, follows the Striker family’s struggle to save their wilderness lodge.


“The Natural” will be shown Feb. 15. Directed by Barry Levinson and starring Robert Redford, Robert Duvall and Kim Basinger, this adaptation of Bernard Malamud’s novel traces the mythical rise of a baseball great.

Up next, on Feb. 22, is “Clockwise,” a 1986 British release featuring John Cleese as an uptight school headmaster who can’t stay out of trouble.

“Driving Miss Daisy” is set for March 1. The 1989 picture, which won the Oscar for Best Picture, stars Jessica Tandy (who won Best Actress) as an aging Southern lady and Morgan Freeman as her compassionate black chauffeur.

On March 8 comes “Mr. Mom.” The 1983 movie features Michael Keaton as a daffy husband who turns domestic after losing his job. Teri Garr appears as his go-getter wife.


“Superdad” is scheduled for March 15. The 1974 Disney release finds Bob Crane as a protective father with doubts about his future son-in-law.

March 22 will bring “What’s Up, Doc?,” the 1972 comedy stars Barbra Streisand and Ryan O’Neal as an unlikely couple mixed up in stolen jewels.

“In the Mood” is set for April 5. The 1987 film features Patrick Dempsey as Sonny Wisecarver, a 15-year-old Californian who made headlines in the 1940s for wooing older women.

Up next, on April 12, is “Living Free,” the 1972 sequel to “Born Free.” This British release shows the continuing adventures of lioness Elsa and her three cubs.

“Cocoon” screens April 19. The popular 1985 movie, starring Don Ameche, Hume Cronyn and Brian Dennehy, matches a feisty group of seniors with friendly aliens from outer space.

The 1988 sequel, “Cocoon: The Return,” is set for April 26. Much of the original cast is on board when the elderly earthlings, who have been living on a distant planet, pay a return visit to Earth.

“Dakota” is scheduled for May 3. The 1988 picture features Lou Diamond Phillips as a kid on the run who takes a break on a Texas ranch.

The series closes May 10 with “Queen of Hearts,” another British release. The 1989 movie follows the low-key life of an Italian couple running a family cafe in England.


* The captioned Spring Senior Film Festival begins Tuesday at 3 p.m. with “Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home” and continues each Tuesday (except March 29) until May 10. Movies will be shown in Golden West College’s Forum II theater, 15744 Golden West St., Huntington Beach. Free with a $3 GWC Gold Key Card. (714) 891-3991 .