COSTA MESA : Lungren Again Backs ‘3 Strikes’ Crime Plan

State Atty. Gen. Daniel E. Lungren Tuesday repeated his support for a proposed “three strikes” initiative aimed at locking up habitual criminals, and criticized the mass media for inundating children with violent television shows, music and video games.

Lungren, in addressing local law enforcement officials attending a conference on violent crime at the Westin South Coast Plaza hotel, said he approved of the initiative, which requires life sentences for offenders convicted of committing a third felony after having been found guilty of two previous serious or violent felonies.

Backers are attempting to place the initiative on the November ballot.

Lungren also told the crowd of about 300 that more focus needs to be placed on preventing such crimes.


“A culture of violence has taken root in our society,” he said. “These young people committing crimes didn’t spring from their mothers’ wombs hating and killing.

“Something in our society has helped condition them to that. Before, I didn’t believe that there was any relationship between the prevalence of violence in motion pictures, video games and music and what happens on the streets, but my thinking has changed, I was wrong.”