Monorail Is Better Than At-Grade Train Option

* A Feb. 6 letter from one of your readers contains several glaring misstatements with regard to the proposed elevated line over the Ventura Freeway. The writer supports yet another alternative, an at-grade light-rail system through the San Fernando Valley.

State law and strong community opposition prohibit the construction and operation of an at-grade train through this corridor. The action by the state guarantees that residents of the East Valley will never have to suffer the inconvenience, safety hazards and destruction of an at-grade system.

The density of development along Ventura Boulevard supports the freeway alignment because of its proximity to entertainment centers, restaurants and business within a short distance of the proposed Ventura Freeway line.

The most environmentally safe, aesthetically pleasing alternative must be selected. Monorail provides passengers and the community with such a system.


As a dual-track transit way, the elevated line would be able to service the community with technology that has been proven around the world without a single passenger fatality.

Your reader incorrectly states that monorails are used exclusively as transportation to airports or through amusement parks.

Monorails are in revenue-generating service in over a dozen cities worldwide. In Orlando, Fla., a monorail system serves more than 150,000 passengers daily. In Japan, more than 211,000 passengers enjoy a quiet, comfortable ride every day without the squeal of steel-on-steel operation of the light-rail alternative.



Los Angeles

Antonovich represents the 5th District on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.