CBS’ Games Aren’t Olympic

CBS’ coverage of the Winter Olympic Games? I don’t think so. It’s coverage of a conversation between (announcers) Jim Nantz and Andrea Joyce, occasionally interrupted by short segments of the actual Games. I am bitterly disgusted and will try cable channel TNT. And this is only the first day.

Eva Garnier, Glendale

Kennedy Is the Remedy

Kudos to MTV veejay Kennedy for denouncing President Clinton and his national health insurance plan (TV Times, Feb. 13). How ironic that the network run by baby boomers in ponytails--the one that gives us “Beavis and Butthead” and Clinton campaign commercials--has its brightest star challenging the PC establishment at its core. Like many of us in the 21-year-old Kennedy’s “Generation X,” I watch MTV for the videos, and that’s it. Perhaps I can also watch an entertaining veejay share my disdain for Clinton’s assault on individual liberty; when will MTV give Kennedy a forum for her views? Here’s a Kennedy I might vote for.


Scott Holleran, Glendale