FUNDING FREEDOM: Valley Jews certainly know how...

FUNDING FREEDOM: Valley Jews certainly know how to raise money, above, for their favorite social programs. But community leaders say donations could be more impressive. Well, now they’ll get a chance to prove it. . . . That’s because the Valley branch of the Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles will have greater say over how to spend contributions. (B13)

United Jewish Fund

(In millions)

Total raised Valley donations % of Total 1988 $47.7 $5.7 12% 1989 $49.3 $6.4 13% 1990 $50.2 $6.9 14% 1991 $48.0 $7.6 16% 1992 $47.8 $7.0 15% 1993 $42.0 $6.3 15%


Source: United Jewish Fund

QUAKE VICTIM: Sadly, we bid farewell to Tiffany, that most courageous cat who had given us so much hope. For 41 days, Tiffany, fleeing after the quake, was locked in a storage closet with no food and only rainwater. Last Sunday, she was found. The press went crazy. It was a near miracle. . . . But Tiffany couldn’t overcome malnutrition and dehydration, and died Friday. (B1)

PARKING BREAK: Sometimes parking can be as unpredictable as the weather. Take CSUN. After all the quake devastation, which cost 3,400 spaces, parking was supposed to be a nightmare. But emergency lots were quickly created and many students have taken shuttles. . . . “At this point, parking is not a problem,” said a campus spokeswoman.

LONG RANGE: Maps released Friday by the National Earthquake Information Center in Colorado show that the Jan. 17 quake produced significant shaking in places far from the Northridge epicenter, including Fresno, Santa Maria and Laughlin, Nev. . . . The center used the Mercalli scale, based on interviews and damage observations. See A26 for story and map.

BASEBALL HOTBED: Baseball scouts love the Valley. How many other places can you find a Robin Yount, a Jack McDowell, a Bret Saberhagen? Not many. Last year, three more Valley high school players were drafted in the second round: Nate Dishington, Jeff Suppan and Brad Fullmer. . . . This weekend, as the season opens, The Times runs capsules on local high school teams. (C20-22)