Veddy Veddy Busy

In his March 6 profile "Hugh Grant Is Veddy Veddy Busy," Chris Willman states that "Four Weddings and a Funeral" offers the talented actor "his first . . . film that has any likelihood of breaking out beyond the art-house circuit." It's worth noting that Grant previously starred in a film that made its mark on a mainstream audience.

In 1991, Grant joined Julie Andrews, Ann-Margret, Tony Roberts and Zeljko Ivanek in Robert Greenwald Productions' groundbreaking AIDS television movie "Our Sons." In it, Grant and Ivanek play a couple facing the final stages of the disease whose mothers are drawn together as they confront the illness and their children's lifestyle.

Having received critical praise (including mentions about U.S. television newcomer Grant) and solid ratings for its May, 1991, premiere, "Our Sons" ranks among the prestigious--and, regrettably, short--list of powerful dramas about this tragedy.


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