Line Lingo From the DWP

agony irons: n. boot-mounted hooks used to climb a pole. "We won't have a bucket truck today. Looks like I'll have to wear my agony irons all day."

grunt sack: n. a canvas bag used to carry tools up to a line worker.

headache: n. warning that an object is falling from a pole. "Hey! Headache coming your way!"

hog wagon: n. a temporary, wheeled transformer. See pig.

hot lead: n. warning that a pole-perched worker is about to spit downward. "Look out! Hot lead coming down."

pig: n. a transformer, which is round and fat.

scare strap: n. a leather belt that secures a worker to a pole.

scissor bill: n. an untrained worker. Origin unclear.

snipe: n. the top of a pole.

squeak: n. an apprentice.

stick: n. a power pole.

war wagon: n. a truck that primarily serves homes; from its resemblance to a military vehicle.

white hat: n. the foreman of a line crew.

woopie: n. a sling used to raise or lower a transformer.

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