On 'Traveling in Style'

I hope I am the first to congratulate The Times on publication of "Flying Blind" by Jim McLain in "Traveling in Style" (March 6). It is the best piece of writing since "The Peter Principle" launched The Times Magazine into orbit a couple decades ago.

I may be prejudiced. As a former aviation editor and current travel writer whose 77-year-old eyesight is failing, I empathize deeply with the author.

I hope that, if my time comes for darkness, I can display Jim McLain's courage and (may I say?) outlook.


San Pedro


Thank you, thank you, for "Traveling in Style." Every article was interesting and informative and each destination was affordable. I want to go to Istanbul and New Orleans and the French Riviera and Veracruz and St. Petersburg! Congratulations. I'm looking forward to the next issue.


Long Beach


So many of your (magazine) articles of the past have emphasized luxury. This one wondrously emphasizes "style."


Newport Beach


Regarding Istanbul's bazaars: I spent two enjoyable years in Istanbul, courtesy of the U.S. Air Force. Both bazaars are fascinating. The Spice Bazaar has a restaurant on the second floor, with all the aromas, charm and food of Istanbul. What it "misses" is tourists--another plus.

And about the merchant's son who was able to sell pearls in six languages: "Our" bazaar merchant, a Romanian Jew, spoke 13 languages--including six mother tongues (Latino, Hebrew, French, Romanian, Hungarian and German) and several others needed to conduct business in Turkey, including Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Armenian, English and Russian. After you conquer the first 10, the rest comes easy.


Laguna Beach


Regarding the illustration that accompanied the article on Istanbul: I find the reference to the ferries docked near the Galata Bridge erroneous. These ferries provide transportation to the Asian side of the city located across the Bosporus. The Golden Horn is a relatively small inlet which is crossed by the Galata and Ataturk bridges. Small water taxis serve its shores.


Los Angeles

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