Nice 'Adventure'

Regarding "The Adventures of Brisco Country Jr. (Friday nights on Fox): I have seen just one episode, but I find it to be hilarious. It is that by virtue of being such a hodgepodge of stereotypes, and departures of stereotypes.

It is a mystery to me how "nice" all the characters can be, involved, as they are, in trying to run someone in for a bounty. But that's great, isn't it? Shouldn't we all try to be nice no matter how nasty the situation is? Or is that being phony?

Alan J. Sweeney, St. Louis

The Turnoff 'Point'

We were very disappointed in the premiere of "Turning Point" (ABC) and with Diane Sawyer. There must be more interesting people to interview than the Manson followers. As they say, if you don't like the program, turn to another station--which I did.

D. Harvey, Arcadia

Regarding ABC's "Turning Point": Wouldn't it make for a more perfect melding of journalism and jurisprudence if Diane Sawyer could move the process up a bit and interview murderers still in the act?

Tom Andres, Santa Barbara

'Love' Had Class

"This Can't Be Love" (CBS, March 13) with superstars Katharine Hepburn and Anthony Quinn kept me glued to the screen for two hours. Every aspect of it was superb--a rare treat. It had class.

Ruth Bryan, Los Angeles

Zapata Correction

Contrary to your description of the great Mexican revolutionary Zapata in your sidebar on "The Mighty Quinn" ("Viva Zapata," TV Times, March 13), he was never president of Mexico. And his first name was Emiliano, not Emilio, as you had it.

Mackenzie Wasson, Los Angeles

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