On Andrea and Motherhood

In response to Judy S. Rasminsky's March 15 commentary regarding the character of my character, Andrea Zuckerman on "Beverly Hills, 90210," Rasminsky's facts are incorrect. Andrea has not dropped out of school. Rather, she has chosen to continue her education while realizing the difficult road she has chosen by keeping her child.

Intellect does not define one's sexual desire--and perfection is an impossibility. However, through life's many roads, some better than others, one hopefully chooses to be the best they possibly can.

Life cannot be ignored nor shaped to our fantasy of what we "think" it should be. Young women are getting pregnant. Young women are choosing to keep or not keep their children. Young women can and do succeed without viewing motherhood as a curse or a failure. Gone are the days (for most but obviously not all) when a young woman is made an outcast or failure simply because she chooses to keep her child. To be a young mother does not mean one has forfeited her individuality.

How unfortunate for Ms. Rasminsky that she cannot acknowledge life's challenges and still strive toward her dreams. How unfortunate that she has such little faith in a woman's potential.

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