Where a Beer Lover’s Heart Tap-Dances

Father’s Office is a tavern capable of pouring a different pint of beer for every day of the month.

A 31-tap bar is the centerpiece of this Santa Monica watering hole, which has a nondescript exterior that belies a quaint interior reminiscent of a German beer garden.

Unlike traditional establishments, Lou Moench doesn’t sell imported or bottled beer from mainstream companies.

He insists on serving products made strictly from the four basic ingredients: water, hops, yeast and grain.


No preservatives or additives, please.

“Beer is a fresh product and we emphasize the quality of beer,” said Moench, a longtime Santa Monica resident. “We offer a distinct alternative.”

Considered among the first microbreweries in the state, Moench opened the 49-seat bar eight years ago on Montana Avenue.

He initially sold two types of beers, Anchor Steam and Sierra Nevada, but expanded the beer menu over the years to include more than 70 brands from California, Oregon and Washington. Selections vary, depending on available stock and season.


There are no pool sharks here. Only classical and jazz music is played. Smoking is not allowed.

And there are plenty of big, wooden tables and chairs.

This a neighborhood place where residents come to relax and sip $4 beers such as “Old Foghorn,” which, with an alcohol content of 9.5%, is among the strongest beers brewed in America.

“It’s a very relaxing atmosphere,” said West Los Angeles resident and regular customer Julio Acevedo. “It’s a great place to unwind. . . . I fell in love with the selection of beer.”

Father’s Office, 1018 Montana Ave., Santa Monica. (310) 451-9330. Hours are 3 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Monday through Thursday and noon to 1:30 a.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.