PLATFORM : Kurt Cobain Reached People Who Had a Lot to Be Mad About

KATHLEEN M. O'CONNELL, a senior at Catholic University in Washington, had this to say about the suicide of singer Kurt Cobain:

Kurt Cobain's words spoke to a number of young people upset about the prospect of a nothing life at nothing wages.

The media have dubbed us Generation X--a generation no one knew what to do with. Whether your parents told you, you learned it in school or it's just a story you heard, we've learned a lot of things. Our parents can be together, divorced, fighting, dating or alone. Some of us have sex, use condoms, get pregnant, have abortions, have babies or get AIDS. We get mugged, raped, assaulted, molested, abused and used. We escape through alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, crack and others. We are victims of violence and guns. We are in counseling, therapy or on balancing drugs.

We are also the Angry Generation and we have a lot to be mad about. We are bitter, depressed, sad or lonely--college graduates who fear a future of passing fast food through drive-up windows.

We must try to look at the wonders of our generation, to help it grow into positivism. We are in it together.

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