Mighty Ducks Announce Ticket Price Increases

The Mighty Ducks marked their 25th consecutive sellout and the end of their first season Wednesday by announcing that season-ticket prices for many seats are being raised for 1994-95.

With attendance for 41 home games reaching 696,222--98.9% of capacity--team officials apparently decided the market would bear increases. The price hikes range from $1 to $12.50 per game, with the highest increases on the arena's lower level.

The average season-ticket price at The Pond of Anaheim will rise from $28.64 to $31.67 per game, which Duck President Tony Tavares expects will be close to the NHL average next season.

There will be no change in the prices for the most expensive tickets ($75 and $125 front-row seats) or the least expensive (the 500 single-game seats that sell for $13).

The largest increase--from $40 to $52.50--affects the 1,209 seats that were designated as plaza corner this season and will be considered plaza main next season. Team officials say demand for lower bowl seats was extremely high, especially as new fans recognized that corner seats are more desirable for hockey than other sports. The plan is to have a single price for all lower-bowl seats within the next few years.

Prices in the upper-level will increase no more than $4 a seat, with the most expensive seat at $28.

One factor in the decision to raise prices is the anticipated increase in the team payroll. The Ducks' payroll this season was the lowest in the NHL, at about $8 million, but they will be seeking to sign 1993 first-round draft choice Paul Kariya and a 1994 first-round pick this summer, as well as third-round pick Valeri Karpov.

"It's (raising prices) something we need to do," Andy Roundtree, vice president for finance and administration. "We are a first-year team and are fortunate to have a very low payroll. In the upcoming months, it's very obvious we have some very high draft choices."

Tavares and Roundtree said they will find other suitable locations for season-ticket holders who do not want to pay for the increases.

"No one likes to raise ticket prices," Tavares said. "I think the vast majority of our fans will have no problem with it. There is a small segment of our season-ticket holders who are going to be very upset with what we've done."

More Bucks for the Ducks

Price changes for each location for Mighty Ducks games next season. Prices are per-game averages of season-ticket packages unless indicated. The average price will increase 10.6%.

Location 1993-94 1994-95 Increase Plaza Glass $125.00 $125.00 None Plaza Rear Glass $75.00 $75.00 None Plaza Main $50.00 $52.50 5.0% Plaza Corner* $40.00 $52.50 31.2% Plaza Rear $32.00 $40.00 25.0% Plaza Disabled $28.77 $32.00 11.2% Terrace Lower $25.00 $28.00 12.0% Terrace Main $22.00 $23.00 4.5% Terrace Corner $19.00 $20.00/$23.00 5.3%/21.0% Terrace Rear $16.00 $18.00 12.5% Terrace Single Game $13.00 $13.00 None

*--Reconfigured, now will be part of Plaza Main

Source: The Mighty Ducks

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