Newspapers: New Westside Times Format Disappoints Some

The first time I received the newly formatted Westside section of the Los Angeles Times, I wanted to rip it up and send it back to you.

Whose bad idea was this? What possible reason could allow the degradation of a valued section into such a poor excuse for a community section?

To begin a tiresome list of complaints, the printing is atrocious with heavy bleed marks from dark ink on page after page. Often one has to turn the page countless times to read a single article on those weenie little pages. Don't we on the Westside deserve a quality section of the newspaper that actually looks like a newspaper rather than a cheap, throwaway shopper?

Last night I was at a community meeting and a large number of people became quite animated in their agreement about the inferior quality of this "new and improved" Westside section.

I hate it. Please reconsider your improvements and elevate this low-class rag to the rest of the paper's quality.



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