Bill Would Limit Public Funds for Judgments Against Officials

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The Assembly has passed legislation prohibiting the use of public funds to pay judgments against elected officials who are sued for trying to influence the outcome of judicial proceedings.

A 47-8 vote sent the bill (AB 2467) by Assemblywoman Debra Bowen (D-Marina del Rey) to the Senate.

The measure stems from $1.2 million in damages that Los Angeles County was ordered to pay last year as a result of charges that Supervisor Mike Antonovich tried to influence the outcome of a lawsuit by making a telephone call to a judge in charge of a case. The county has appealed the decision.

The underlying lawsuit involved a dispute between two small businessmen, one of whom was an Antonovich campaign contributor.


Floor Action

* Child Molesters: Passed and sent to the governor on a 57-0 vote a bill (AB 1082) by Assemblyman Dean Andal (R-Stockton) prohibiting child molesters from obtaining custody of children conceived through their illicit conduct.

* Television Violence: Passed and sent to the Senate on a 58-1 vote a resolution (AJR 86) by Assemblywoman Diane Martinez (D-Rosemead) requesting that the Federal Communications Commission regulate the amount of television violence seen by California children as a condition of station license renewal.

Committee Action

* Unmarried Domestic Partners: The Judiciary Committee approved a bill (AB 2810) by Assemblyman Richard Katz (D-Sylmar) allowing unmarried male and female domestic partners to register their relationships with the secretary of state to obtain certain legal rights enjoyed by married couples. An 8-0 vote sent the bill to the Ways and Means Committee.

* Marriage Licenses: The Judiciary Committee also approved a bill (AB 3310) by Assemblywoman Martinez requiring all couples applying for marriage licenses to receive a brochure detailing the legal rights and responsibilities of the marriage contract. A 10-3 vote sent the bill to the Ways and Means Committee.

* Driver's Licenses: The Transportation Committee approved a bill (AB 79X) by Assemblyman Robert Frazee (R-Carlsbad) calling for an automatic six-month driver's license suspension for those convicted of any drug-related criminal offense. A 12-2 vote sent the bill to the Ways and Means Committee.


Floor Action

* Drive-By Shootings: Passed and sent to the Assembly on a 29-3 vote a bill (SB 21X) by Sen. Ruben Ayala (D-Chino) extending the death penalty to those convicted of first-degree murder during drive-by shootings.

Committee Action

* Imitation Guns: The Education Committee approved a bill (SB 1645) by Sen. Gary Hart (D-Santa Barbara) that adds possession of an imitation firearm on a public school campus to the list of acts for which a student can be expelled or suspended. An 8-0 vote sent the bill to the Appropriations Committee.

* Secretary of State: The Constitutional Amendments Committee approved legislation (SCA 35) by Sen. Quentin Kopp (I-San Francisco) making the secretary of state's office nonpartisan. A 3-0 vote sent the measure to the Senate floor.

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