Mayor's Phone Calls

* In response to "Riordan Has Secretary Monitor His Phone Calls," April 29:

Gee! I wish Mayor Richard Riordan would take my calls. I wouldn't mind if he had two secretaries listen to our conversation.


Los Angeles

* I was planning on calling the mayor some time soon, but in view of the fact that his secretary monitors his conversations sans knowledge of the caller, I don't think I will, after all. That's as bad as a secretary "accidentally" erasing 18 1/2 minutes of your tapes.


Marina del Rey

* It was with great joy that I read of former Mayor Tom Bradley questioning the legality of Mayor Riordan's secretary listening in on his phone calls.

Is this the same Tom Bradley that used to take "consulting" fees from banks and had to have an ethics bill passed by the City Council in order to know what behavior was ethical?

Shame on you, Mr. Bradley.


Sherman Oaks

* What more can we voters expect from our mayor! He is obviously not afraid of any "-gates" and is willing to put a witness to all his conversations. Isn't his system more an indication of efficiency, openness and candor than of deviousness? Hasn't the public already expressed sufficient indignation at secret, behind-doors, official dealings? After all, these are calls to the No. 1 city servant, in his city office, on "aboveboard" official business . . . aren't they?


Santa Monica

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