County Seeks Bids on Bull Creek Repairs

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors announced that bids will be accepted starting May 31 on a multimillion-dollar project to repair damage to part of the flood control system damaged by the Northridge quake.

The project will repair cracks in the channel floor as well as damage to the side slopes at Bull Creek extending from north of San Fernando Mission Boulevard to south of Stagg Street.

"This work is important because Bull Creek is a significant runoff channel which diverts water away from the surrounding streets and sends it down to the ocean through the countywide flood control system," said Joel Bellman, press deputy to Supervisor Ed Edelman.

Bellman said the county estimates that the project will cost between $2 million and $4 million.

The repair effort will be supervised by the Department of Public Works and administered under the Federal and State Disaster Assistance Program. The Federal Emergency Management Agency will reimburse the county for a still undetermined portion of the costs.

"This is definitely one of our biggest repair projects on the flood control system resulting from the January quake," public works spokeswoman Donna Guyovich said. The affected channel not only handles rainwater but runoff from the mountains, and the repairs will significantly reduce the threat of flooding to the surrounding area, Guyovich said.

The project is scheduled to begin in June and take about 75 working days to complete, Bellman said. No road closures or special traffic restrictions are expected as a result of the project.

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