STREISAND MATH: If you bought tickets for...

STREISAND MATH: If you bought tickets for Barbra Streisand at the Pond in Anaheim (first of six nights is May 25), are you happy with what you spent? Streisand’s own defense of the $50-$350 price range may reassure you. . . . She told Time magazine that the price of seeing her on this tour--her first in 28 years--might be a bargain: “If you amortize the money, it’s $12.50 a year. So is it worth $12.50 a year to see me sing? I’m not going to do it again.”

KEEPSAKES: The Angels begin a seven-game home stand at the Big A Monday, and freebie night is Saturday: whiffle bat & ball night. Similar promotions have been known to cause havoc when frustrated fans throw their prizes back onto the field. But these go only to the first 10,000 kids , not the adults, who usually cause the problem. “Adults might not care if they go home with a baseball or whatever,” says Angels marketing assistant Tony Reagins. “But kids tend to hold onto them.”

BOJANGLES BASH: You think tap dancing is a forgotten art? They’re tapping their hearts away at 5:30 tonight at the Dance Etc. Creative Arts Center on Prospect Avenue in Yorba Linda. The occasion: May is when tap dancers annually honor the late Bill (Mr. Bojangles) Robinson. . . . “He was wonderful,” says the center’s Mary Haller, “the granddaddy of all those great hoofers.” Tonight’s fare will include clog-dancing, group tap and the new “electric” tap-dancers who heel and toe on an instrumental keyboard.

FESS UP: A few things you know about Davy Crockett: He was a hero at the Alamo, he wore a coonskin cap, and he made millions for the Disney people. But maybe you don’t know that Fess Parker, the Davy Crockett of the TV movies, gave up acting for the hotel business and his own vineyards near Santa Barbara. . . . He’s in Anaheim Monday night, where Granville’s Steak House at the Disneyland Hotel is holding a $60, four-course, five-wine Fess Parker Wine Dinner. There’s a reception first, located, where else, in the wine cellar.