Congressman Decides to Run, and Help Recover His Stolen Car

Associated Press

A California congressman says he helped police catch a man who allegedly stole his car while it was parked two blocks from the Capitol.

"This is the second time in four years someone has stolen our car in Washington," said Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-Redlands). "Both of them were at least 10 years old and were hardly worth the effort. Still, no one's going to steal my car without a fight."

When Lewis and his wife returned from dinner about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, they found a man sitting in their 1984 Oldsmobile at 2nd Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in southeast Washington with the motor running, Lewis said.

The man drove off, and Lewis said he ran after the car down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue.

A District of Columbia police officer patrolling the area in his cruiser noticed Lewis, called for backup and joined the pursuit. The man in the car crashed it.

Larry M. Powers, 42, of Wallace, N.C., was arrested and charged with first-degree theft.

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