Alcohol Restricted at World Cup Games

In an effort to control potential rowdiness, a Pasadena official decided Wednesday to ban alcohol sales and consumption by the general public in and around the Rose Bowl during eight World Cup soccer games this summer.

Drinking of alcohol will be allowed only in luxury and press box areas inside the Rose Bowl and in hospitality areas on stadium grounds during the tournament. A violation would be a misdemeanor, said City Manager Philip. A. Hawkey, who made the decision.

World Cup Organizing Committee officials could not be reached for comment, but Hawkey said he did not anticipate any objections.

The head of the organizing committee asked city officials in March to impose a citywide ban on beer, wine and liquor during games to prevent hooliganism that has marred contests in Europe.

In Europe, such bans are common on game day to try to quell violent fan behavior.

Pasadena officials rejected the citywide ban as "Draconian" after local restaurant and bar owners objected, saying they would lose business.

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