It's About Time Dads Got Credit--Maybe

The feminists were too greedy. They have finally awakened the sleeping bear, and dads are coming out to protest the biased system that makes them victims ("A New Fatherhood," May 11).

It is time that the system stops punishing fathers for being fathers.




State Sen. Charles Calderon needs to be informed that it is deadbeat dads whom the government has been favoring--at taxpayers' expense. These men need to realize that having a baby doesn't make one a father. Being a father involves loving, being available for and financially supporting their children.

Are the mothers and taxpayers of this country suppose to applaud and support these males for finally wanting to accept their responsibility?

If the government insists on further penalizing hard-working, taxpaying citizens financially for these worthless men, I hope they do something worthwhile with the money, such as researching male birth control, hiring bounty hunters to track down these deadbeats and building more jails to house them.


Eagle Rock

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