Students from Foothill and Hillview high schools in Santa Ana have been participating in a nationwide tutoring program, "Helping One Student to Succeed," joining other volunteers at Robert P. Heideman Elementary in the Tustin Unified School District.

About 118 pupils in third, fourth and fifth grades are getting individual tutoring and a study plan, according to Shelia Feher, an instructional aide and coordinator for the program at Heideman School.

Tutors visit the school twice a week and spend nearly an hour per session, helping the youngsters with reading or homework, as well as vocabulary and word game exercises.

"The children really appreciate the tutors' help and special attention," Feher said. The program is supported through Chapter 1 funds.

Problems, Problems

The Centurian Scroll, the student newspaper at Cypress High School asked: What's the biggest problem facing our society today?

"Lack of education in our schools," said one student. "I mean people are being passed who can't read a lick. What's up with that?"

"The environment," said another. "If we no longer have an Earth, we could not survive."

Others cited racism, homelessness, drugs, alcohol, violence, drunk drivers and child abuse.

Driving Divide

OK. Who are the better drivers--boys or girls? The Paw Prints, the student newspaper at Capistrano Valley High School in Mission Viejo, collected opinions on the subject.

What females said about drivers of the opposite sex:

"All I can say is that guys are worse drivers since their insurance rates are higher." And, "Guys drive like drunks even when they are sober."

What females said about themselves:

"I'm recklessly safe when I drive." Said another: "I'm a member of the psycho female drivers group."

What guys said about opposite-sex drivers:

"Girls, your hair looks fine, just keep your eyes on the road."

"A girl drive? I think I'd rather walk," said another. "Girls, please, just take the bus."

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