NEWPORT BEACH : City Hall Showcases Student-Drawn Art

While strolling through City Hall, it is difficult not to stare at the two-headed goat with no pants. And the blue-haired, tough guy with a mermaid tail is also a head turner.

These surreal pastel-on-paper portraits were done by seventh- and eighth-grade students at Ensign Intermediate School and students at Corona del Mar High School. The portraits will hang on the walls of the Newport Beach City Hall until June 7.

Nick Harvey, an eighth-grader at Ensign who was at the art opening Thursday night at City Hall, said his two-headed worm drawing has something to say, even to the mayor. One of the worm's heads is in sunlight, the other in darkness.

"It is just that there is a happy look on one side and a sad look on another," Harvey said.

Each drawing was done by three artists. With the paper folded into three sections, one person drew a head, the next person drew a torso without looking at the head, and the final person contributed legs. At that point, the paper is unfolded, revealing a sometimes senseless, sometimes brilliant composite drawing.

The school art project was initiated by Jane Bauman, the artist in residence at the Newport Harbor Art Museum, and funded with $5,000 from the city.

Said Joan Stipe, an art teacher at Ensign: "It's nice to be supported."

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