CRAZY DIAMOND: Is Pink Floyd founder Syd...

CRAZY DIAMOND: Is Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett--virtually unheard from for nearly 25 years--set to resurface? With Pink Floyd back at the top of the charts, rumors have started to fly that he will.

The gossip ran that Atlantic Records A&R; executive Tim Sommer had persuaded Barrett to come out of his self-imposed hermitage to record his first new album since his two 1970 releases, "The Madcap Laughs" and "Barrett."

But it's apparently not to be. Sommer confirms that he made an overture to Barrett, who lives in Cambridge, England, through the singer's sister.

"It occurred to me that perhaps the only reason Syd hadn't released an album in all those years was that no one had asked him," Sommer says. "So I made a proposal, but word came back that he just wasn't interested."

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