LET'S DO LUNCH: Politics doesn't have to...

LET'S DO LUNCH: Politics doesn't have to spoil a good lunch. At a recent charity auction, Orange Councilman Mike Spurgeon outbid two others--at $75--for the honor of lunch at the Orange County Jail with Sheriff Brad Gates. . . . They'll have no shortage of lunch subjects: The City of Orange sued Gates last week over his sending maximum security inmates to the Theo Lacy Branch Jail there. Jokes Spurgeon: "I just hope he lets me out after lunch."

COMING SOON: Sunset magazine says it wants more of Orange County. A Sunset writer-photographer team recently toured the new 475-acre Wagon Wheel Wilderness Park in Coto de Caza. . . . The park, home to some of the county's largest oak trees, opens in late fall--about the same time the Sunset article will appear. County parks manager Tim Miller says the Sunset folks were impressed and "want to step up their coverage of this area."

DUKE'S LAWYER: Between a messy divorce/custody battle and her ex-husband's two trials on charges he ordered an assault on her, Aissa Wayne of Newport Beach has seen plenty of courtrooms. Now the daughter of the late John Wayne should see even more--from the lawyer's seat. Wayne, 37, will receive her law degree from Western State University in Fullerton next Sunday. Says Wayne: "If I represent somebody, I just hope that I can really help them. Maybe everyone says that when they first graduate from law school, but I've had firsthand experience with lawyers."

WALK HERE: Plans are moving along for Huntington Beach's new Surfing Walk of Fame--along Main Street near the beach. Nominations for the first five annual names will be sent out to a large committee of surf experts Monday, and the cornerstone will be unveiled Saturday. Says Mike Kingsbury, one of the organizers: "The third generation of surfers is here, and we thought it was time to pay tribute to the great ones before us."

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