BREA : Critic of City Will Seek Council Seat

William M. Vega, considered by many observers as the city's most critical and outspoken watchdog, announced Tuesday that he will run in November for a City Council seat.

Vega, 37, has been battling city government for the past five years. His fight began when the Brea Redevelopment Agency tried to acquire his mother's property for a widening of Imperial Highway.

Since then, he has questioned local officials' actions and asked for federal and state investigations into city affairs. He has voiced support for residents and business owners whose properties were taken through eminent domain.

He has sued the city and won a judgment that prevented it from taking his mother's Brea Boulevard property.

Vega ran two years ago for one of two open council seats and lost, but garnered 18% of the votes--the third-highest number.

In the past few weeks, officials have been considering limiting public testimony to 30 minutes per council meeting and reducing the number of meetings from two a month to one, which Vega vehemently opposes.

"I'm very, very concerned and morally compelled to (run for office) to help reshape public policy based on the recent abuses to discourage public input and freedom of speech by . . . trying to drastically cut off public testimony," Vega said.

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