A chronology of some of Darryl Strawberry's controversial incidents as compiled by the Associated Press:

August 1984--Fined $500 for being late to batting practice.

* Oct. 25, 1986--Taken out of the the ninth inning of World Series Game 6 when Met Manager Davey Johnson makes a double switch, and criticizes Johnson.

* Jan. 29, 1987--His wife, Lisa, files a petition for legal separation in Los Angeles Superior Court. She accuses him of breaking her nose after a game in October 1986.

* March 2, 1987--Fined $100 by Johnson for arriving late to camp.


* March 14, 1987--Charges Boston pitcher Al Nipper, triggering a bench-clearing brawl in spring training. Strawberry, who homered off Nipper in Game 7 of the 1986 World Series, was hit in the back by Nipper in the exhibition game.

* March 22, 1987--Fined $500 for missing a workout, then fined another $1,000 for leaving camp for 1 1/2 hours in protest of the first fine.

* June 9, 1987--Fined $250 for arriving at Wrigley Field 22 minutes late for batting practice.

* July 3, 1987--Threatens teammates Wally Backman and Lee Mazzilli, who had criticized him for missing two games against St. Louis earlier in the week. Of Backman, Strawberry says he wanted to “bust that little redneck.”


* January 1988--In an interview in Esquire magazine, criticizes Davey Johnson and several teammates, blaming them for the Mets’ failure in 1987. He claims that catcher Gary Carter and first baseman Keith Hernandez “quit” during the pennant race and that Johnson’s managing cost the club games.

* March 2, 1988--Fined $100 for missing the beginning of a workout and the team picture. Strawberry says he was late because of a flat tire.

* Oct. 4, 1988--Before the National League playoffs, says in a Los Angeles Times article that when his contract expires with the Mets in 1990, he would like to sign with the Dodgers.

* March 1, 1989--Threatens to leave the Mets’ camp if his contract is not renegotiated.


* March 2, 1989--Walks out of camp in a contract dispute after taking a swing at Hernandez during the team photo session.

* March 3, 1989--Fails to attend a workout and is fined $750. Announces he will return tocamp on March 4.

* March 18, 1989--Charges Toronto pitcher Jeff Musselman after he is hit by a pitch in an exhibition game, Then gets into a fight with Blue Jay third baseman Kelly Gruber.

* April 7, 1989--Is named in a lawsuit in Clayton, Mo., charging that he fathered a son with Lisa Clayton.


* May 18, 1989--His wife files a divorce petition in Los Angeles. Strawberry says there “are no hard feelings. . . . We felt this was the best thing to do.”

* Sept. 19, 1989--Fined $500 by Johnson for returning to the clubhouse during the ninth inning of a loss to the Cubs in Chicago the previous night.

* Jan. 24, 1990--Blood tests establish Strawberry as the father of Clayton’s child.

* Jan. 26, 1990--Arrested for an alleged assault with a deadly weapon during an argument with his wife. He is alleged to have hit her in the face with an open hand and also alleged to have threatened her with a .25-caliber semiautomatic handgun; is released on $12,000 bail.


* Feb. 2, 1990--Authorities in Los Angeles announce that they will hold a hearing on Feb. 9 to determine if misdemeanor charges will be filed against Strawberry.

* Feb. 3, 1990--Enters the Smithers Center for alcohol rehabilitation.

* July 12, 1990--The Mets break off contract negotiations after Strawberry rejects a three-year deal for $9.2 million.

* Oct. 19, 1990--Files for free agency on the first day of eligibility.


* Nov. 7, 1990--Agrees to a five-year, $20.25-million contract with the Dodgers.

* June 19, 1991--Placed on the disabled list because of a shoulder injury.

* May 17, 1992--Placed on the disabled list because of a herniated disk.

* Sept. 16, 1992--Undergoes successful lower back surgery after playing only 42 games during the season.


* June 25, 1993--Fined one day’s pay--$19,230--for showing up after the start of the Dodgers’ 1-0 loss to the Astros. Strawberry, on the disabled list because of a chronic back problem, arrives in the middle of an afternoon game at Dodger Stadium and misses a rehab session after calling the team 45 minutes earlier to say he was going to be late.

* Sept. 4, 1993--Arrested for allegedly striking Charisse Simons, the 26-year-old woman he lived with.

* Sept. 21, 1993--No criminal charges are filed by Charisse Simons after the Sept. 4 incident.

* Sept 23, 1993--A day after saying he contemplated suicide because of accumulated problems, says he only flirted with the idea.


* November, 1993--During the destructive L.A. brush fires, says during a radio interview: “Let it burn. I don’t live there any more.”

* March 3, 1994--Investigated by the IRS and U.S. Attorney’s Office for allegedly failing to file tax returns for in excess of $300,000 of income derived from autograph and memorabilia shows.

* April 3, 1994--Fails to show up for the Dodgers’ final exhibition game against the Angels at Anaheim Stadium and is not located until that night.

* April 4, 1994--Announces that he has a substance abuse problem, and is put on the disabled list by the Dodgers.


* April 8, 1994--Enters an unidentified treatment center to begin a 28-day stay, after which he continues to receive treatment as an outpatient.

* May 25, 1994--Reaches a monetary settlement with the Dodgers, who put him on waivers for the purpose of giving him his unconditional release.




Year Team AB R H HR RBI Avg 1983 Mets 420 63 108 26 74 .257 1984 Mets 522 75 131 26 97 .251 1985 Mets 393 78 109 29 79 .277 1986 Mets 475 76 123 27 93 .259 1987 Mets 532 108 151 39 104 .284 1988 Mets 543 101 146 39 101 .269 1989 Mets 476 69 107 29 77 .225 1990 Mets 542 92 150 37 108 .277 1991 Dodgers 505 86 134 28 99 .265 1992 Dodgers 156 20 37 5 25 .237 1993 Dodgers 100 12 14 5 12 .140 Totals 4664 780 1210 290 869 .259


Year Opp AB R H HR RBI Avg 1986 Astros 22 4 5 2 5 .227 1988 Dodgers 30 5 9 1 6 .300 Totals 52 9 14 3 11 .269



Year Opp AB R H HR RBI Avg 1986 Red Sox 24 4 5 1 1 .208