Guidelines for Tourists Visiting Disaster Scenes

* Good riddance to the Northridge Meadows Apartments!

For two months I have driven down Reseda Boulevard hoping and praying for the day residents and relatives of the victims could retrieve personal items and go forth to make the best of what they have.

Unfortunately, I came upon tourists who would drive 2 m.p.h. trying to see the apartments. These people failed to realize that when they were rolling past the apartments, it backed up traffic as far back as the Simi Valley Freeway.

Here is one rule I would like to add to the "Morons Are Us" guidebook, tourist section, for the next earthquake or large aftershock:

Do not drive extremely slowly down a main street knowing that at least half the major freeways are closed and that this will cause unnecessary traffic.

Common sense scenario: "Hmmm, maybe I should park my car, get out and take a look!"

Please practice five to 10 times a day because you never know when the next big one will hit.



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