A Real Solution to Airport Parking

* Re: "Short-Term Solution to Airport Parking," (May 25): There is only one way to solve the parking problem at (John Wayne) Airport. Don't treat it like a parking problem, treat it like a transportation problem.

The solution is not more parking slots or more parking lots or transferring long-term parking slots to short-term parking slots. The (County) Board of Supervisors has missed the point. We will never be able to keep up with the parking needs of Orange County fliers. We must have another, convenient, inexpensive transportation alternative.

The solution lies in getting people out of their cars. But a taxi costs $16 to go about six miles, one way. And a local door-to-door shuttle costs as much as a taxi. So, for example, if you can park at the airport for four days ($26) and it is cheaper than a taxi ($32), why leave your car at home?

I would love to leave my car at home, and take a $1 public bus ride to the airport. Hey, $2 round-trip, what a savings! But there is only one bus that services the airport. Only one. And that one bus is so infrequently scheduled and inconveniently routed, it would take me longer to use this bus service from my home to the airport than to fly to the Midwest.

Come on, Orange County Board of Supervisors, stop thinking bigger is better (parking lots, that is). Instead, demonstrate the kind of leadership and creativity needed to provide a strong incentive for Orange County travelers to leave their cars at home.


Newport Beach

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