Brewer: It’s a Matter of Credibility

* As an elected, local official I am concerned about the lack of credibility of the individuals serving in the state Assembly and Senate.

For the last few years, the state of California has robbed the coffers of local government to feed its never-ending appetite for funding unneeded and wasteful state programs.

This has been happening even as more and more “fiscal conservatives” are elected to represent us.

Fortunately, the voters of the 70th Assembly District will be able to send a true fiscal conservative to Sacramento. Marilyn Brewer is a business owner who has seen firsthand the devastating impact the government over-regulation and overspending have had on California’s economy.


Although I do not live in the 70th Assembly District, I am hoping that Marilyn Brewer will be elected to represent all true fiscal conservatives.

She is a person of unimpeachable personal integrity and honor who believes so deeply in conservative values that she will not turn her back on them as so many politicians do today.

The time has come to elect people to the state Legislature who will represent the majority of Californians suffering from the failed polices of a tax-and-spend legislature.

If you are a Republican living in the 70th Assembly District, you can do your part by voting for Marilyn Brewer on Tuesday.



Laguna Niguel

* I keep receiving bizarre political mail from Marilyn Brewer, who is running to be my next (70th District) Assembly representative.

She claims to be a “mainstream” Republican. Mainstream must be the new code word for liberal.

Marilyn Brewer was a registered Democrat for her entire adult life. She only recently became a Republican to try and get elected in conservative Orange County.

How could anyone sit through the Carter Administration and the entire Reagan Revolution and still align herself with the Democratic Party? Marilyn Brewer is the only candidate who opposed Marian Bergeson’s nomination for lieutenant governor.

Normally I would say congratulations to anyone who’s seen the light and changed their registration to Republican.

However, I’ll be voting for a tested Republican leader, like Tom Reinecke, instead of a political opportunist running as a stealth liberal.