Beilenson's Mailings Are Legitimate Business

* In his article "Beilenson Is Among House's Top Spenders On Mailings" (May 2), Alan C. Miller states that Congressman Anthony C. Beilenson's spending of $166,439 on his publicly funded mail last year has raised questions about whether mail is being used to bolster his political prospects. As one of his constituents who had received this mail before Beilenson (D-Woodland Hills) was placed in a more competitive district, I disagree with this implication. His letters have always been either informational or in the form of questionnaires on important issues, which he uses to help guide him in making decisions. Furthermore, we have always been informed about the results of the questionnaires.

Miller mentions that Beilenson has informed his constituents of his support for the Clinton health care reform plan. In this respect, it is important to note that Beilenson is one of the 95 co-sponsors of the McDermott single-payer plan, which is the kind of health system called for in the California health Security Act Initiative petition signed by over 1 million California voters.

In my opinion, Beilenson is one of the few politicians in our nation's Capitol with integrity.



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