Visiting World Cup Fan Wounded in Robbery

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A New York soccer fan in town for the World Cup tournament was mugged and shot Sunday morning near MacArthur Park in what police said was a random attack.

Lucas Ganancioso, 36, and a friend were walking to a liquor store near 8th and Alvarado streets shortly after 1 a.m. when they were assaulted, said Officer Rigo Romero.

Four young males accosted the two men, Romero said, and stole Ganancioso’s wallet and gold jewelry. One man shot Ganancioso in both arms with a .25-caliber handgun. Ganancioso’s friend, who was not identified by police, was not robbed or injured.


Ganancioso was taken to Hospital of the Good Samaritan, where he was treated for gunshot wounds in his left wrist and upper right arm, a hospital spokeswoman said. He was released.

Romero said it did not appear that the two men were targeted because they were tourists. The World Cup tournament starts Saturday in Pasadena.