MONEY KING: It’s too early to tell...

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MONEY KING: It’s too early to tell whether Disney will score big with “The Lion King”--the film is just opening today (F1). But for CalArts in Valencia, it’s already a blockbuster. A screening Sunday at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood and an event at the Hollywood Bowl raised $400,000 for the quake-damaged campus, and Disney plans to match that sum. “These are absolutely crucial dollars,” said CalArts President Stephen D. Lavine.

ON THE AIR: Saugus High’s Brad Bjelke is taking his case to the public. Bjelke, who was to have been honored as valedictorian until the school decided the contest put too much pressure on students, will instead deliver his speech on KLOS-FM’s (95.5) “Mark and Brian” show this week. . . . “I would rather give it at school, but at least there’s some recognition,” he said.

THE RIGHT STUFF: The joy of flying never leaves Lt. Col. Steven A. Green (above), and that’s a good thing. He’s certainly been up in the air a lot. On Monday, Green became the first pilot to log 1,000 hours in the F-117, better known as the Stealth fighter, which was used during the Gulf War. . . . “This flight was as exciting as the first one,” said Green (B16).


NEW STAMPS: Stamps honoring two American icons--the Statue of Liberty and Norman Rockwell--will be out this summer, the Postal Service said this week. Good choices, indeed, but what do Valley collectors prefer for new stamps? . . . “Mystery writers,” said Reseda collector Hugh Kramer, while Lee Green of World Wide Stamp and Coin Co. in North Hollywood cited art treasures hanging in the Louvre.

HOME, SWEET HOME: Some people would love to spend a month in Asia, seeing the sights, sampling the local cuisine. Not David Berganio Jr. He couldn’t wait to get home. . . . Berganio, an Alemany High graduate, was there to play golf on the Asian tour. This week, however, he’ll compete at the U.S. Open. “Now I appreciate being an American, know what I mean?” he said (C8).