BURBANK : Ex-City Engineer, Manager Stites Dies


Howard Stites, who played a key role in the development of Burbank during the Depression and World War II, died Monday, leaving behind numerous city monuments to his work.

Stites worked for the city of Burbank for more than 30 years, first as city engineer and then as city manager. During that time he helped oversee the construction of Burbank City Hall, the Burbank Airport terminal, Buena Vista Library and the Public Service Department Administration.

Stites set up a special fund for the City Hall project, ensuring that the building was entirely paid for when it opened in 1943.


In addition to his involvement in construction, Stites also established the city’s first comprehensive Municipal Code, a civil defense and disaster program and modernized the street lighting system.

Stites, who retired to Sacramento, returned to Burbank for the 1993 celebration of the 50th anniversary of City Hall.