Mike Downey Fan Club Now Called to Order

Mike Downey, you expressed amazement in your July 8 column at individuals' demeanor during the O.J. Simpson hearing.

I am amazed at your reaction in a city where television and theater films are made regularly depicting a great amount of violence, where drive-by shootings have occurred routinely in South-Central and East L.A. and now happen in places like San Marino, where infants are found in dumpsters and others don't even make it that far, and were people run onto a freeway to cheer a fallen "hero" being pursued by the police.




Well my, my, Mr. Mike Downey! Aren't you-all a sensitive son of a gun! Did those mean ol' boys in Gee-or-gee-ah get your dander up messin' with those absolutely wonderful gay athletic folks? Imagine the nerve of those local yokels having an opinion that is not politically correct. Now I know that this is the '90s and all, and everyone is supposed to have the same opinion about everything and stuff, but shucks! Mike, you've lived in Los Angeles too long.



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