Motion Is Granted to Schmooze Shamelessly


In addition to the usual table-hopping that occurs at the Grill at lunchtime, the place virtually looked like a game of musical chairs on Monday.

Even among this hard-to-impress crowd, the ogle-level went up several notches when O.J. Simpson’s defense team of Robert Shapiro, Gerald Uelmen and Alan Dershowitz took a booth. Seated at another table: Robert Kardashian.

Attorney Ed Hookstratten sat down and joined the legal team for a couple minutes. Meanwhile, agent Mike Ovitz got up and talked to attorney Jake Bloom. Producer Steve Tisch rose to converse with Hookstratten and Shapiro. Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula chatted it up with Jake Bloom, Shapiro, Dershowitz and Hookstratten. Et cetera. Et cetera.



Guilt-Free Cake: While calculating our food’s fat grams, as we are required to do in order to zip our pants, we heard about a wonderfully L.A. discovery--a guilt-free birthday cake.

The triple-layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting that contains less than one gram of fat per slice is from Gratis, the fat-conscious restaurant on San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood.

We’re told trend-setting and fat-vigilant Westsiders have bought tons of the desserts for their birthday parties.

The pastry chef will personalize your message and add a few unfatty roses. While the cake just might make a dent in your guests’ waistlines, it will definitely make a dent in your wallet at $30.

Well, you can always stick a candle in a half grapefruit.


House of Humility: As recently reported here, House of Blues was named best L.A. club, courtesy of the first annual “Heroes of the Night” awards chosen by a panel of industry executives and West Coast music journalists.

We’re now here to tell you that the 3-month-old club, while honored at the recognition, graciously declines.


A Blues spokesperson told us that owner Isaac Tigrett “is a disciple of Sai Baba and is very into being kind to everybody and treating everybody with respect and equality.”

He was really excited about winning but felt other clubs on the circuit were more deserving.

“We’re so new. We’re not there yet.”