Forever Young

What illustrates Americana nostalgia better than Osh Kosh B'Gosh and Lassie? The ageless collie celebrates its 50th anniversary with the release of a new film, and the apparel company famous for its bib overalls commemorates the event with a line of children's coordinates ($13.50 to $31) featuring Lassie's image. "It's a perfect match for all the right reasons," notes spokeswoman Cindy Herman. "Lassie is a tradition, like Osh Kosh B'Gosh. We share the same heritage and values."

On the Cuff

Ethnic-inspired clothes gave way to wrists wrapped with cuff bracelets or multiple bangles that translated into a cuff effect. The look continues for fall with sterling Wonder Woman-in-cyberspace cuffs, so fitting with fashion's fixation on silver. "Cuffs are becoming an individual statement," says Diana Shiel of the Silver Information Center in New York. She notes many jewelry designers are creating wide wrist wear in chunky, ornate styles that are quilted, shiny and antiquated. "They are really made to be a signature piece for a woman who doesn't want to wear any other accessories, except for maybe earrings," says Shiel, who adds that a cuff wider than three inches generally looks best on a long, thin arm. Petite woman should consider one 2 1/2 inches or smaller.

A Tough Touch

Although fashion pundits insist fabric sneakers are the way to go in the natural '90s, the trouble with tennies is their short life. So Vans--famous for its canvas shoes--has introduced a line constructed of hemp for the whole family. This raw material not only fits the trend toward linen-like weaves, it's also known as one of the most durable fabrics in the world, notes Sari Rasula, vice president of design and production development for the Orange-based company. Its strength and organic origin also score points with environmentally conscious consumers, she adds. The earthy palette of olive, ecru, brown and blue fits right in. Skateboarding dudes and their dads can get into the Straight Edge high and low models (pictured; $45 to $50); women, young and old, can try on the Authentic ($40).

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