Sticking It to Oates for His Point of View

To Bob Oates: Dear Communist:

I could barely believe your Point of View article in Sunday's Times. I can't imagine why you even wrote it. Do you really believe that it's wrong for people in the United States to get rich? Is the free-market system so wrong to you? Is profit such a dirty word?

I'm sick of reading and hearing people like you whine about how horrible it is to have money and live well. Succeeding in America is not a crime.

I've rarely read such inane logic based on so many false assumptions. I don't know where you received your education, but go back and demand a refund. You were ripped off.


Los Angeles


In full agreement with Bob Oates' observations, all hands should be raised--with hats off!

His telling it like it is and casting the spotlight on the ridiculous practice of lavishing limitless multimillion-dollar salaries on professional athletes is an inspired proposal for rescuing our desperately ailing educational system.


San Clemente


Mr. Oates' remedy to high salaries is typical of today's political climate--confiscate money from individuals and give it to a government bureaucracy.

If Mr. Oates believes his idea is so brilliant, why limit his rationale to athletes? Why not put salary maximums on media executives and broadcasters? Why not limit the amount of money the media pays for broadcast rights? These programs would generate far more dollars for education than a simple cap on player salaries.


Santa Ana

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