Don't Eliminate Line 152 or Monthly Bus Passes

* I am furious over the lack of concern shown by the City Council and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

It's bad enough that the Valley would have only limited bus service "during a prolonged strike," but they are now considering eliminating Line 152, which was to be one of those running during a strike.

I am also upset about the elimination of monthly bus passes. Many of the people I work with depend on these passes. We get them through the ride-share program for $27. I don't mind if the price is raised, but don't discontinue them. County Supervisor Gloria Molina stated that the use of tokens is an economical alternative to these passes. Wrong! She does not take into account the price of transfers, which a lot of people use. Instead of costing $37.80 a month, it would be more like $45 to $50.

If the people who dictate policy concerning transportation actually rode the buses to work instead of their overpriced foreign cars, they would see what the "average" city and Valley riders have to contend with.



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