Dornan Quotations

Allow me a few comments on yet another Times election-year hit piece of selected liberal quotations from my 33 years in the public eye (" 'Shut Up' Not in Dornan's Vocabulary," July 15).

First, for the past 33 years I have made my living by speaking on the record, first as a talk-show guest, then host, then commentator, then producer-host (television and radio), and then as an eight-time elected federal official. And in all that time and with all those millions of words The Times can only find a couple of one-word misspeaks? That is a darn good record if you ask me. People I respect appreciate a straight-from-the-shoulder, no-nonsense, up-front fighter.

Second, the reason people dismissed those slips is that they knew Bob Dornan's track record. I marched with Martin Luther King and, at great personal risk, registered black voters in the South. I have a record of support for Israel and Jewish causes that is second to none--better, in fact, than many liberal Jewish House members. A man is judged by his deeds, not words, and my deeds speak volumes.

Finally, the vast majority of Americans would agree with the sentiments contained in a Dornan quote from eight years ago that Oliver Stone thinks is repugnant: "I, personally, can hear a faint bugle call echoing down through 210 years of American history a challenge. A challenge that calls out to all Americans, 'Defend your homeland, defend the West, defend Judeo-Christian ethical standards, defend Western civilization, defend liberty.' "

The fact that some people find that quote offensive says far more about them than it does about me.


R-Garden Grove

In Congress, "B-1 Bob" is a "Stealth" with a bad muffler! Loud, ineffective and embarrassingly costly.

Dornan is a joke in Washington. He has done zip, nothing, nada . He has used every ethnic slur (he thought he could get away with) while representing one of the most ethnically diversified districts in the country. He lobbied President Bush for the drug czar position. We later find out his wife has been abusing drugs for over a decade. (Is it me, or is he brain dead?)

If you live in Dornan's district and are a registered voter, I'd suggest you stop and look in a mirror before going to the polls. Because, if you don't look like Rush Limbaugh, Bob Dornan "don't hear you"!


Corona del Mar

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