Local Politicians Want Automobile to Be King

* County Supervisor Michael Antonovich has some nerve to suggest (Letters, July 17) that the advocates of the Metro Red Line are subjecting the Valley to unnecessary delay in obtaining rail transit.

The most vocal critic of rail systems this county has ever known has been the same Mr. Antonovich, lover of people-movers, jitneys, paratransit, mag lev, anything but the real thing.

Why does he wish to cut up the Red Line? Of all the countless transit studies done over the past 60 years, none has ever considered fragmenting the trunk line at the portal to the San Fernando Valley. This would be like cutting the Santa Monica Freeway, asking drivers to travel on Washington Boulevard and then re-enter the freeway. Does Mr. Antonovich really believe that a monorail in the center of the Ventura Freeway will cost less than a subway under Chandler Boulevard?

None of the local media outlets are covering this story. We have to sift through tripe on a brutal murder but there is not one inch on what some of your local politicians are doing to keep the automobile king. There’s a history here, open your eyes and do your job.



Los Angeles