SIMI VALLEY : $640,000 Allocated for Flood Control

Hoping to protect Simi Valley against flooding, the City Council has agreed to allocate nearly $640,000 to repair damaged sewer lines and flood control channels.

Most of the damage occurred during the heavy rainstorms in February, 1992. Parts of the Arroyo Simi, the city’s main flood control channel, overflowed and walls of the flood channel collapsed.

The money will be spent to shore up the north bank of the Arroyo Simi west of Madera Road, repair a 12-inch sewer line, restore a water line and cover exposed pipes.

Some council members initially balked at the cost of the repairs and suggested they be postponed.


They relented after City Manager Lin Koester said the repairs are essential.

“We can’t really go through a rainy season with those pipes exposed,” Koester told the council. “The penalties are severe if one should break.”